Kailash Jhanwar & Associates

Value Added Tax (VAT)!!!

VAT / Sales Tax is state level indirect tax levied on sale of goods (including computer software), work contract and hiring of goods. Compliance requirements have increased expert services for maintaining of records and calculation of tax liability.

  • # Getting Sales Tax Registration under Central Sales Tax Act and Delhi VAT.
  • # Consultancy on matters related to Sales Tax including Tax planning.
  • # Preparation of VAT (Value Added Tax) returns.
  • # Designing / restructuring salary structure to minimise tax burden.
  • # Filing of Electronic/Manual VAT returns.
  • # Help in obtaining statutory forms
  • # Liaison with VAT authorities.
  • # Getting Sales Tax Assessments done.
  • # Filing and pleading appeals wherever necessary.
  • # Consultancy on matters related to Delhi Works Contract Tax Act 1999.

Our company has been exceptionally offering VAT registration services in Mumbai to diverse range of customers since our inception and establishing unique image in the market with each service. We also help you to design your income structure to reduce the burden of your tax. We take care of all matters related to sale tax including tax planning with complete professionalism and perfection.

Kailash Jhanwar & Associates can help you with filling and pleading appeals whenever there is a requirement. Our hard working team members have years of experience in offering statutory forms and in filling of electronic VAT returns. Customers’ appreciation and their trust, for providing quality VAT registration services in India, is what we have earned since our inception.