Kailash Jhanwar & Associates

Internal Audit Services!!!

  • # Advice on all matters related to compliance of TDS/TCS provisions.
  • # Obtaining Tax Deduction Account Number (TAN).
  • # Periodic review of TDS / Withholding Tax compliance.
  • # Computation of monthly TDS.
  • # Monthly reconciliation of TDS due and deposited.
  • # Monthly deposit of TDS electronically/manually.
  • # Issue of monthly / annual TDS certificates.
  • # Filing of quarterly E-TDS / Manual Returns.
  • # Filing of Correction Statements.
  • # TDS assessment.

We had a vision to offer diverse range of productive TDS services which include computation of monthly TDS, TDS assessment, filling of correction statement as well as quarterly E-TDS. With valuable experience and knowledge of our team members, we are holding industry’s top position from many years and still working vigorously and smartly to satisfy existing and new customers to a great extent.

With our TDS enquiry services you can easily obtain Tax Deduction Account Number (TAN) and can have reviews of TDS. In addition to this, we are specialized in offering reconciliation of TDS due and deposited on monthly basis.