Kailash Jhanwar & Associates

    Why Us!!!

    Kailash Jhanwar & Associates was established in 2000 with the aim of providing value added professional services in various fields. We represent the Spectrum of Knowledge and Experience in the Field of Financial Consultancy, Statutory Audit, Internal Audit and Tax Management. We believe in upholding the highest standards of business ethics with a dedicated commitment to total quality.

    We take great pride in the confidence and respect that we have earned from our clients and strive to improve every day. At Kailash Jhanwar & Associates, we are continuously looking for avenues to assimilate value added knowledge, for our people, for our clients and for the society as a whole. We aim to alloy a perfect blend of professionalism with high standards of service, in our pursuit of excellence.

    We work hard to meet and exceed your expectations and will always be committed to doing whatever is necessary to find the best concentration & solutions to the issues, the client can face, regardless of short deadlines.


    Our dedicated team comprises of proficient people with extensive knowledge and experience. Our professionalism and expertise helps us to service our clients to their satisfaction.

    Our team of people is of the highest caliber and is led by partners with substantial experience which include a mix of chartered accountant, management graduates. Their specialist skills that we will bring to your assignment have been developed through their academic background and extensive engagement experience. Our people are committed to exceeding clients' expectations continuously by delivering services with a strong industry focus, superb technical competence.

    Our Policy!!!

    Our policy is to have a concentration of diverse qualifications and skills in our people, to enable us to address any specific issues that may arise during an engagement with any client.

    Quality Service is an integral part of our culture which comprises - consistency, care, judgment, concern, commitment, responsiveness and technical proficiency. As a part of our proactive Commitment to providing the highest-quality service possible, our team periodically visits the clients, the results of which ensure that we continue to meet our client’s needs and expectations.